Goals for 100 Days of Code

May 4th, 2020

The next 100 days is ambitious, but I'm determined make up for the the years lost in not learning to code, taking what is in my head and converting to code. I've broken down the next 100 days and the key projects that I aim to deliver leading up to the 9th August 2020.

The main outcomes for the next 100 days

  1. Personal site built on Gatsby and content managed from Contentful
  2. Personal site to pull data from API services for my 'Common stats'
  3. A simple todo list web app that limits the number of todos added
  4. Simple todo app to allow others to create an account and login
  5. A transparency webapp that allows for frontend data entry of common stats
  6. An iOS alarm clock app with no snooze and sound doesn't stop for 30 seconds
  7. An Assynt Community page for content editors to edit content in Contentful
  8. A Shopify site with custom page sections from the base template

Personal site

My intitial area of focus is on my personal site, dazgordon.com. A long time on the bucket list, I've had the ambition to write blog posts from my site rather than Medium, and leverage a personal site to link to my favourite resources and products around the web.

Main goals of the personal site project

  1. Site and domain hosted by AWS
  2. Push changes from Code Editor to live site
  3. Create a Gatsby site with content managed by Contentful
  4. Create pages for about, blog, contact and projects
  5. Create a transparency page that pulls in a few key stats

What to learn

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. JQuery
  5. Contentful image API
  6. GraphQL

Todo Chrome plugin

Inspired by Momemtum Dash I aim to build a simple Chrome plugin that creates a dashboard with three 'top priority' to-dos for each day.

There a few Github repos out there to get me started, so I'll clone these repositiories and tweak from there. For this project I'll need to get my head around sass, jquery and pulling data from a few APIs.

Main goals of the todo Chrome project

  1. Build a three do focus reminder
  2. Pull a random quote from a database list
  3. Source a random background image
  4. Show a clock

What to learn

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. JQuery

Todo web app

For me, I always aim to complete three tasks a day, be that big or small. It lets me end the day feeling satisifed, knowing I completed the most important tasks for both my work and personal life.

On the theme of three todos, I aim to build a simple todo list web application that allows for a maximum of three tasks, split over three categories (work,personal,goals). So a total of 9 tasks. At the end of each day you get a pass or fail. If you pass, the day is added to your streak. The aim of the application is to not break the streak.

For this, I wanted a restricted todo application, but also login functionality and SSO.

Main goals of the todo web app project

  1. Person can tick each todo to mark as complete
  2. Person can delete a todo
  3. Person can only add a maximum of three todos
  4. Person can create an account
  5. Person can login through email or social login
  6. Site to store account details
  7. Site to track days streak

iOS Alarm Clock app

I've always wanted to build an app. More just to say "I have built an app before". The objective is to build something simple and actually valuable. For this, I'm going to build a simple Apple Watch alarm clock app. The app will have no option for snooze and the stop option will only appear after 30 seconds. If possible, I'll allow you add a custom voice or sound recording for a motivational prompt.

Main goals of the Alarm Clock project

  1. Build an iOS in app in react
  2. Deploy an app to Beta
  3. Deploy an app

What to learn

  1. React native
  2. iOS Apple Watch Development
  3. Testing an app build
  4. Deploying an app to the app store

Assynt Community Page app

I've been looking for an opportuynity to be more involved with the Assynt community back home in Lochinver. For this project, my aim is to build a directory website listing local businesses and the products/services they offer.

Main goals of the Assynt Communitu project

  1. A content site with a CMS that can be managed by multiple editors
  2. Build using Webflow

What to learn:

  1. Build a Webflow site
  2. Implement Contentful as CMS for editing content
  3. Create static page and blog templates
  4. Edit Html, css and Javascript for styling purposes
  5. Sync with Netlify for hosting

Shopify site

www.forsythsofpeebles.com is a Butcher & Baker website owned by Kate's family. My friend and I have set-up and created the Shopify site using the base template provided by Shopify. Forsyths are new to the online selling world and are supportive enough for us to experiment with this website.

I'm going to use this Shopify site to create a few template sections. They will look something like the attached.

Main goals of the Assynt Community project

  1. Edit the Forsyths Shopify banner with custom styling
  2. Add a custom quote section to the homepage
  3. Add a custom product category banner to Forysths
  4. Create a food & drink theme published to the Shopify store

What to learn:

  1. Ruby
  2. Liquid
  3. Shopify theme editing