Hey, I'm Daz. A Product Manager who dabbles with other stuff.

I work at the world's leading outdoor pizza oven company, Ooni. I've been working at Ooni for over 2 years, previously working as a Product Manager in the alcohol and gambling industry.  

It's an awesome gig. I get to work on digital products, within the pizza industry.

It's Daz. Hello

When not working, you can find me scheming up my next big project, dabbling with code & design (still trash) or spending time with my family.

My stuff

I wish there were an opportunity for me to boast about my cool desk set-up, comfy chair and sick speakers. That is a work in progress. My current chair is back-breaking and my Airpods don’t have a working mic. Once I tried using a Go Pro as a webcam but the 10-second lag wasn’t handy for Zoom calls.

Product Mgmt Software

  • Miro for cross-collab and workshopping
  • G-Suite for emails, storage, docs etc
  • Jira for sprint workflows
  • Notion for documentation, tasks and road mapping
  • Pitch for slick presentations
  • Figma design prototyping and feedback
  • Typeform for customer surveying and feedback
  • Maze co for prototype feedback
  • Firebase for app distribution, dev ops and A/B testing
  • Google Analytics for app performance overview

General Software list

  • Fantastical for managing my calendars
  • Hey on desktop, phone and iPad for emails
  • 1password for password management
  • Notion for life management and general note-taking
  • Apple reminders for my personal to-do list
  • Freedom for blocking distracting websites
  • Momentum for my Chrome dashboard

Get in Touch

Drop me an email (daz.gordon@hey.com). I'd like to pretend my email box is busy, but it really isn't. Personal emails are always welcome.

Unless things really kick-off and I become super famous. If that becomes the case, expect an AI-generated response.